Absorb-Tip Foam Swab Absorb-Tip Foam Swab
Foam tipped swab over cotton foam head for excellent absorbency while minimizing contamination. Tips are affixed by heat seal to prevent tip loss, even while saturated with solvent. Ideal for precision cleaning where linting needs to be avoided.
Anti-Static Freezer Anti-Static Freezer
Diagnostic freeze spray for static sensitive assemblies- Contains additive that avoids static build up, critical when working with ESD-sensitive components.
Blue Shower II Cleaner/Degreaser Blue Shower II Cleaner/Degreaser
Powerful AK225-based solvent cleaner
Contact Adhesive Contact Adhesive
Fast tacking, water resistant spray adhesive
Cotton Swab Cotton Swab
Economical, high absorbency long cotton swab- Tightly wrapped, pre­cleaned cotton ensures the least amount of extractable contaminants.