WonderMASK PX Peelable Solder Mask


WonderMASK® PX is a temporary, peelable, latex solder mask designed to dry in half the time of standard peelable solder masks. It is hand applied and can withstand fluxing, wave soldering and cleaning operations. It effectively masks and protects open through-holes and underside components in a wave soldering process, and can be used as a conformal coatings mask.

WonderMASK PX can remain on all areas of the board until ready for test, and then, be easily peeled away. In addition, WonderMASK PX is ideally suited for situations where a thick coat of mask is required. WonderMASK PX has been specially formulated to cure homogenously, virtually eliminating any limit on the deposition thickness.

WonderMASK PX is not recommended for use on bare copper as it contains a sufficient concentration of ammonia to cause discoloration. For use on bare copper, WonderMASK P (part # 2211) is recommended.

NOTICE: The 16oz squeeze bottle (2222-16SQ) is being replaced with an 8oz bottle (2222-8SQ) due to popular demand. Both may be available in the interim, but 2222-8SQ may be substituted for 2222-16SQ without further notice.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast Drying – dries in half the time of standard peelable masks
  • Ideal for situations where a thick coat of mask is required
  • Peelable Mask
  • Able to withstand temperatures up to 650°F / 343°C
  • Prevents solder from flowing into contacts, terminals, screw heads, and plated through holes
  • Mask for conformal coating
  • Will not tarnish gold or phosphor bronze
  • Protects delicate components


Order minimum case quantity only. Extra shipping fees may apply.
Sku Number Name Size Units per Case Price per Case Case Qty
2222-8SQ WonderMASK PX 8 oz 24 Price: $367.89 
2222-G WonderMASK PX 1 gal 1 Price: $142.95 


Wondermask P  Peelable Solder Mask
Wondermask P Peelable Solder Mask