Precision-V AE-1000 Vapor Degreaser Solvent

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Techspray has engineered solvent cleaners that offer exciting new options for precision cleaning. Precision-V AE1000 is a high precision cleaner and rinsing agent, ideal for removing light soils and particulates. It has no VOC, so ideal for in areas with stringent emission requirements like Southern California. It leaves no residue, evaporates extremely fast, and is nonflammable with no flash-point. Precision-V AE1000 is non-ozone depleting, so ideal replacements for cleaners containing Freon, HFC-141b and AK225.

Precision-V AE1000 has azeotrope-like properties that allow it to maintain stable properties as it is cycled in a vapor degreaser. It is neither reactive nor corrosive to metals commonly found in the construction of vapor degreasers. Precision-V solvents have a lower boiling point than most other vapor degreaser solvents. This reduces heat-stress on components being cleaned and reduces energy consumption from the boil sump and chiller coils.

Exposure to Precision-V solvents is less hazardous than many other solvents commonly used in vapor degreasers: e.g. TCE (Trichloroethylene, CAS #79-01-6), nPB (n-Propyl Bromide, CAS #106-94-5), and Perc (Perchloroethylene. CAS #127-18-4).
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NOTE: As with all vapor degreaser equipment and processes, observe all safety precautions, guidelines and operating rules associated with these units.  Failure to do so may put operations personnel at risk.  Avoid excessive vapor losses, loss of refrigeration, excessive boil sump heat, etc.  Make sure all equipment is operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions.  If in doubt, contact your manufacturer immediately.

Ideal for...
  • Used in vapor-degreasers and as cold cleaner
  • Removes light oils and particulates
  • Rinsing and drying agent

Features & Benefits

  • VOC free
  • Nonflammable
  • Safe on electronics
  • Rapid evaporation
  • Zero residue
  • Plastic safe
  • Non-ozone depleting


  • Base solvent - Asahi AE3000
  • kB value - ~0
  • Boiling point (°F/°C) - 133/56
  • VOC (g/l) - none
  • GWP - 543