Product Literature

Product Literature

This is a marketing support site for Techspray sales representatives. To order, select items and add to cart as you normally would in an e-commerce site. When you check out, enter the promo code that we provided you.

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Techspray Aviation Catalog - 25/pk

Techspray's 2017 aviation targeted catalog. 12 pages.

Techspray Catalog (free)

Techspray's 2017 full line product line catalog. English or Spanish available.

Plato Catalog (free)

Full line product catalog for Plato. Available in English and Spanish.

Techspray Solvent Brochure

Techspray's 2016 full line solvent brochure, featuring PWR-4

Fine-L-Kote LED Flyer

2-page flyer featuring Fine-L-Kote LED.

Platoshear S Flyer

4-page flyer featuring Platoshear S and Plato Brass Tip Cleaner.

Techspray Swab Sample Pack

Techspray swab sample pack

Techspray 2-Pocket Folder

2-pocket folder for presentations.