Soldering Tip - Japan Unix

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Sku Number Name Size Units
Per Case
Per Case
00-0112 Soldering Tip - Japan Unix   10 $395.90
00-0181 Soldering Tip - Japan Unix   10 $341.00
00-0121 Soldering Tip - Japan Unix   10 $341.00
00-0120 Soldering Tip - Japan Unix   10 $341.00
00-0118 Soldering Tip - Japan Unix   10 $341.00
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Replacement soldering tips for Japan Unix robotic systems. See cross references or data sheets for tip-to-tip referencing.
Plato, the leading manufacturer of replacement soldering tips for over 50 years, now offers top quality tips for robotic soldering stations. Because of our expertise in plating technology and soldering tip engineering, Plato tips improve soldering performance with split-second heat recovery.

Plato robotic tips feature long tip life, resisting the abuse of constant, repetitive robotic soldering without sacrificing soldering efficiency.

Features & Benefits

  • Increased soldering speed by reducing heat recovery time
  • Plating engineered for long tip life
  • Custom tip development at reasonable minimums
  • 50 years’ experience in tip engineering