Soldering Tips - Weller Compatible

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XT-5016 Biselada 1.6mm 10 $115.49
XT-4010 Cónica 1.0mm 10 $115.49
XT-3008 Destornillador 0.8x0.4mm 10 $115.49
XT-3016B Destornillador 1.6x1.0mm 10 $115.49
XT-3032 Destornillador 3.2x0.8mm 10 $115.49
XT-3046 Destornillador 4.6x0.8mm 10 $115.49
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Replacement soldering tips for Weller station WX, and Weller hand piece WXP120. Comparable to Weller's XT series of tips. See cross references or data sheets for tip-to-tip referencing.

Plato is one of the largest manufacturers of soldering tips in the world, producing tips to fit all of the most popular soldering stations. The long life and fast heat recovery of Plato soldering tips increases user effectiveness and decreases production times.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast heat recovery increases soldering speed
  • Longer tip life reduces soldering cost by decreasing tip change overs

Product Dimensions

XT-5016 Biselada

Referencia Cruzada Weller XTAA 10  Units/Case


XT-4010 Cónica

Referencia Cruzada Weller XTO 10  Units/Case


XT-3008 Destornillador

Referencia Cruzada Weller XTH 10  Units/Case


XT-3016B Destornillador

Referencia Cruzada Weller XTAL 10  Units/Case


XT-3032 Destornillador

Referencia Cruzada Weller XTC 10  Units/Case


XT-3046 Destornillador

Referencia Cruzada Weller XTD 10  Units/Case