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Excerpted from 10/25/12 white paper "Updated Facts On 2015 HCFC-225 Usage Ban" by Lindsey Shehan, Techspray Chemist.
About the HCFC-225 Phase-Out
Beginning January 1, 2015, HCFC-225 (also called “AK225”), a common precision solvent for high-end cleaning, will be banned for usage, per the Clean Air Act under the Montreal Protocol. 
HCFC-225 is a mixture of two isomers, HCFC-225ca and HCFC-225cb. A common source of HCFC-225 is from Asahi Glass Company as Asahiklin AK-225, a precision cleaning solvent. AK-225 has many unique properties, including its ability to form azeotropes (mixtures that act as one chemical, with unique and constant physical characteristics), good solvency, and thermal stability (which makes it good for use in vapor degreasing).
AK-225 is nonflammable. AK-225 is VOC exempt, per the EPA. VOCs are smog producing compounds that are highly regulated. AK-225 also has a low acute toxicity (the exposure level of AK-225 is 100 ppm 8h TWA compared to 200 ppm for Trans), low viscosity (meaning that it flows well), high density (it’s heavier than water, it will displace water), and low surface tension (meaning that it will flow well under low stand offs). Unfortunately, due to the ozone depleting potentials of HCFC-225ca and HCFC-225cb, 0.02 and 0.03, respectively, it is now being phased out.
The table below summarizes the HCFC-225 phase-out:

What Are The Replacements for HCFC-225?
To date, the EPA has approved more than 300 substitutes for over 60 different uses. Potential substitutes for HCFC-225 include DuPont Vertrel Solvents, Techspray’s Precision-V Solvents, n-Propyl Bromide, Trichloroethylene, 3M HFEs, and Honeywell’s Solstice Performance Fluid.
For more information on replacements available from Techspray, see information below. 

Techspray Offers Solvent Replacements for Every Application & Requirement

  • Complete line of solvents including DuPont , 3M, Honeywell & AGC solvent blends
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PRECISION-V Replaces HCFC-225 with Performance & Safety Advantages

Techspray has engineered solvent cleaners that offer exciting new options for precision cleaning. Precision-V cleaners are powerful, leave no residue, evaporate extremely fast, and are non-flammable with no flash-point. Electronics, optics, and metal parts are quickly and thoroughly cleaned, eliminating the need for further rinsing. Precision-V is non-ozone depleting, so ideal replacements for cleaners containing Freon, HFC-141b and HCFC-225.
Precision-V Vapor-Degreaser solvents have azeotropic properties that allow it to maintain stable properties as it is cycled in a vapor-degreaser. It is not reactive or corrosive to metals commonly found in the construction of vapor-degreasers.
Exposure to Precision-V solvents is less hazardous than many other solvents commonly used in vapor-degreasers: e.g. TCE (Trichloroethylene, CAS #79-01-6), nPB (n-Propyl Bromide, CAS #106-94-5), and Perc (Perchloroethylene. CAS #000127-18-4).
Precision-V solvents have a lower boiling point than most other vapor-degreaser solvents. This reduces heat-stress on components being cleaned and reduces energy consumption from the boil sump and chiller coils.

Click for more information on Precision-V replacements for HCFC-225:
Precision-V Vapor-Degreaser Parts Cleaner (#1654)
Precision-V Vapor-Degreaser Flux Remover (#1655)

Precision-V Universal Cleaner (#1651)
Precision-V Plastic-Safe Cleaner (#1652)

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