Techspray MRO Banner Stands

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Per Case
BNR-TSMRO1 Techspray MRO Banner Stand #1   1 $200.00
BNR-TSMRO2 Techspray MRO Banner Stand #2   1 $200.00
BNR-TSMRO3 Techspray MRO Banner Stand #3   1 $200.00
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3 different Techspray banner stands that can be used as a full 10' x 10' backdrop or mix-and-matched for a smaller display. These were originally developed for the Grainger show, so designed for industrial / MRO type of events.

Dimensions: 3'w x 8'h

Designed to be displayed in order from left to right:

  • BNR-TSMRO1 - Features G3 Industrial, Pine-Shower, E-LINE Hi-Flash Degreaser, and 170LX
  • BNR-TSMRO2 - Main display panel with brand and tagline
  • BNR-TSMRO3 - Lists main product categories: degreasers, contact cleaners, aviation cleaners, coatings, soldering tools, repair supplies, cleaning wipes, and ESD control

Note: You are responsible for any marketing display materials that you order. Think of this like a library book and I'm that library detective from Seinfeld. Pack in up carefully as it was shipped to you, and ship it back to us promptly. Otherwise, I will find you!

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ITW-CC Electronics
Attn: Kevin Pawlowski
8125 Cobb Center Drive
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800-858-4043 x531

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