Techspray Table Cover

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CVR-TSPLRUNNER Camino de mesa 3' de ancho con logo de Techspray y Plato. Haga su pedido con un mantel negro de mesa ajustado.   1 $40.00
CVR-TSBLUE6 Mantel azul TS para mesas de 6-8’   1 $200.00
CVR-4BLK Mantel negro de mesa ajustado de 4' de ancho   1 $15.00
CVR-6BLK Mantel negro de mesa ajustado de 6' de ancho   1 $15.00
CVR-8BLK Mantel negro de mesa ajustado de 8' de ancho   1 $15.00
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Blue Techspray cloth cover for 6' display tables. Dark navy blue goes with just about anything.

Table runners are 3' wide banners that drape over the center of the table. Branded with both Techspray and Plato. Nice clean look when used with fitted covers. I have 4', 6' and 8' wide fitted black covers available. Runners with ship with a rail that weights the end so it doesn't curl up.

Please fold or roll carefully when you pack up.

Note: You are responsible for any marketing display materials that you order. Think of this like a library book and I'm that library detective from Seinfeld. Pack in up carefully as it was shipped to you, and ship it back to us promptly. Otherwise, I will find you!

Return shipment to:
ITW-CC Electronics
Attn: Kevin Pawlowski
8125 Cobb Center Drive
Kennesaw, GA  30152
800-858-4043 x531