Eco-dFluxer SMT200

Inline & batch water-based flux remover

Platoshear S Extra-Strong Cutter

Durable, long-life shear lead cutter- Plato Shear cutters have a thin profile designed for hard to reach areas in an electronic assembly. If your an assembler you will love how effortlessly our shear cutters cut and the design is lightweight and comfortable to work with.

PWR-4 Industrial Maintenance Cleaner

Powerful, non-flammable, cost effective cleaner

PWR-4 Flux Remover

Powerful, non-flammable & cost effective for flux removal PWR-4™ is ideal where a safer, nonflammable, and cost-effective cleaner is required.

Fine-L-Kote LED Silicone Coating

Silicone conformal coating designed to coat over LEDs

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