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Custom Soldering Iron Tip Development

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Custom Tip Engineering

Plato has a full-service engineering lab to custom design unique tip geometries to fit exact application requirements. Slight changes to current designs can increase production throughput, improve repeatability, minimize thermal stress, and reduce misaligned solder joints.

Plato utilizes computer-controlled machining equipment, so tooling cost is minimized. Minimum production runs can be as low as 100, at a significant cost saving compared to OEM tips.

Far from producing “knock-off” tips, Plato is the global go-to manufacturer of soldering tips throughout the industry. Plato is widely known for fast heat throughput and long tip life.

Plato engineers can take you through the design process in as short as 6-weeks:

  • Assess customer requirements / specifications
  • Initial design & PDF drawing approval
  • Prototype approval
  • Full production run


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