Our Mission 

In today’s competitive market, manufacturers must be as efficient as possible to meet the demands of their customers. You’re expected to deliver products that are cutting-edge and reliable while keeping your costs under control. And that’s why we develop products with the mission of making your processes more efficient and safer, and your products more reliable.

Advanced Chemistries to Improve Your Products & Processes

Using an outside-in approach, we conduct field research and receive continuous customer feedback to develop powerful cleaning solutions, conformal coatings, solder masks, and soldering tools that improve your performance, safety, efficiency, and most important; your bottom line. We formulate, blend, and package a wide variety of chemicals and assorted support products for the electronics industry, heavy industry, aviation, and plant and equipment maintenance. We also offer new technologies to improve safety for both personnel and the environment. All Techspray products are RoHS and REACH compliant and free of nPB, TCE, and Perc, which are commonly used in industrial applications.


The Techspray Story

The first Techspray product, Blue Stuff, was introduced in 1968 to clean lubricate the rotary contacts of TV tuners. Ironically enough, Blue Stuff was such a messy product that Techspray developed Blue Shower, a Freon-based cleaner to remove excess Blue Stuff. Techspray Blue Shower has become an industry-standard degreaser that's known all over the world for its powerful cleaning action and fast evaporation.

We maintained an industry leadership position by anticipating ever-changing requirements and prioritizing product effectiveness and safety. As environmental regulations have changed, Techspray has charged forward with innovative replacements for CFC and HCFC based cleaners, including the popular G3® brand of cleaners in 2002, and most recently PWR-4™ high-performance solvent cleaners in 2016. These products allow manufacturers to transition to new chemistries without disruption to their processes.

Techspray acquired Plato® brand soldering products in 2003, adding high-quality soldering tips and tools to our product offering. In 2006, Techspray was acquired by ITW, a multi-billion dollar organization with an already strong brand portfolio for the electronic assembly market, including Kester, Speedline, Vitronics Soltec, and Texwipe.

Our people are at the heart of our business, and everything we do starts with them. In order to compete in a global market, we focus on attracting and retaining the best talent that is reflective of our global communities, and creating an environment where team members feel valued is critical and their hard work is appreciated.



Contact Information

US – 800-858-4043 | info@itwcce.com | International - +1 678-819-1408
Fax – 770-424-4267

North America Regional Sales Managers:

Bill Martin, Aerospace Manager
678-526-3677 | bmartin@itwcce.com

Mark Quigley, Life Sciences Manager
310-741-0056 | mquigley@itwcce.com

Dave DiCeglie, Northeast US / East Canada
978-857-2360 | ddiceglie@itwcce.com

Mike Conti, Central US

Brett Robinson, West US / West Canada
951-236-5880 | brobinson@itwcce.com

Jeff Waters, Distributor Manager
260-999-3601 jwaters@itwcce.com 

Humberto Castrejon, Baja Mexico
+52-1-(656) 168-3701  |  hcastrejon@itwcce.com

Luis Terrazas, Northwest Mexico
+52 1-(656) 660-1273 | lterrazas@itwcce.com

Abundio Beltran, Northeast Mexico
+52 1-(844) 122-0724 | abeltran@itwcce.com

Mario Saavedra, Central Mexico
+52 1-(331) 424-5121  |  msaavedra@itwcce.com

Asia & Australia Sales Manager

Yeoh Keng Hong
Regional Sales Manager - Japan, Southwest Asia (MY, TH, INDIA)
MP : +6017-4869018
Email: khyeoh@itwcce.com

Jessie Matibag
Regional Sales Manager - South East Asia (PHP, SG, INDO)  and Taiwan 
MP : +6391-57870148
Email: jmatibag@itwcce.com

Chris Jung
Regional Sales Manager - South Korea and Vietnam 
MP : 8210-2507-9285
Email: dgJung@itwcce.com

Chris Tan
Regional Sales Manager - Australia and New Zealand
MP : +6019-2184801
Email: ctan@itwcce.com

Chris Tan, China Sales Manager
ITW Specialty Materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
Hengqiao Road, Wujiang Economic Development Zone,
Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China 215200
MP : +6019-2184801
Email: ctan@itwcce.com


Techspray – US office

ITW Contamination Control Electronics
8125 Cobb Center Drive
Kennesaw, GA 30152
Tel. 678-819-1408
Toll-free 800-858-4043
Fax 806-372-8750

Techspray – European office

ITW Contamination Control EMEA
Saffierlaan 5
2132 VZ Hoofddorp
The Netherlands
+31 88 1307 400

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