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Quality Brushes for High Precision Applications

Techspray's TechClean brushes are made of premium-grade materials. Don't be fooled by cheap imports. The bristles on our cleaning brushes are securely stapled in place, eliminating loose hairs.

Choose the Right Bristle Material for Your Needs:

  • Natural — Soft, resilient and long lasting. Hog bristles are stiffer than horse hair.
  • Metal — For burnishing or polishing, for non-sparking static dissipation and deburring. Brass is a softer bristle than stainless steel.

Brush dimensions are specified as bristle length (L), width (W), and trim (T).

General Cleaning Brushes - A wide variety of sizes and bristle material for general maintenance cleaning. All handles are made of strong, static neutral wood. 

Static Sensitive Brushes - Ideal for cleaning static sensitive electronics or components. Anodized aluminum falls within the static dissipative range. Steel bristles are conductive, and horse hair is dissipative when saturated with solvent.

Technical Brushes - Small, precision brushes for technical cleaning and coating or for adhesive application. Double-sided brushes include tapered ends for tight areas.

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Environmental & Safety

Tech Brush - Aluminum Handle Tech Brush - Aluminum Handle
Groundable metal handle with ultra-secure bristles
Tech Brush - Detail Tech Brush - Detail
High precision brushes for cleaning and coating
Tech Brush - Wood Handle Tech Brush - Wood Handle
Strong plywood handles with ultra-secure bristles


Are Techspray technical brushes ESD-Safe?
Technically, none of the Techspray brushes are ESD-safe / static dissipative. The brushes with metal handles are conductive, so can be grounded (generally with a user and wrist strap). The bristles are natural material, so static neutral. That means the bristles won’t generally generate a charge, especially when wet with solvent. The brushes with wood handles are considered static neutral because wood doesn't tend to generate a charge. Horse hair and hog hair bristles are also considered static neutral, while metal bristles are conductive.


Essential Guide to Precision Cleaning Brushes
When cleaning sensitive devices and electronics, including printed circuit boards, the safest method is to allow the solvent to its job without additional agitation. Unfortunately, with oxidation, heavy greases, and other tenacious soils, there is no substitute for a technical cleaning brush. The ar...
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