3M Novec Solvent Replacements

3M Novec Solvent Replacements

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3M Novec Solvent Replacements

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With 3M’s announcement of their discontinuation of Novec branded solvents by the end of 2025, companies are scrambling to identify the best solution for the immediate and long-term...

Click here to learn about 3M's Novec solvent discontinuation.

Click here for 7 tips for evaluating Novec Replacments.

Immediate Solution: 
Equivalent Chemical Replacements

For companies reacting to the unreliable availability of Novec solvents, Techspray offers a line of solvents that are engineered to react and perform the same as Novec products. COC’s are available to ensure your strict quality standards are maintained.

3M Novec # Techspray Replacements
7100 Precision-V 3710
71DA Precision-V 371DA
71DE Precision-V 371DE
71IPA Precision-V 371IPA
7200 Precision-V 3720
72DA Precision-V 372DA
72DE Precision-V 372DE
7300 Precision-V 3730
73DE Precision-V 373DE

Long-term Solution: Precision-V and PWR-4 Solvents

Choose one of Techspray’s replacements, under the product brands PWR-4 and Precision-V, for improved performance and cost. Custom formulations are available to meet specification requirements (e.g. low GWP, PFAS-free).

  • PWR-4 solvents are designed to replace nPB, TCE and Perc, matching and surpassing cleaning performance without the safety concerns.
  • Precision-V vapor degreaser solvents are ideal replacements for 3M Novec solvents and AK-225 based cleaners, which were phased out due to the ozone depletion restrictions of the Montreal Protocol.
3M Novec # Techspray Drop-in Replacement
7100 Precision-V Solvent 3810
71DA Precision-V Solvent 3820
71DE Precision-V Solvent 3820
PWR-4 Solvent 3410
PWR-4 Solvent 3910
PWR-4 Industrial Maint. Cleaner
PWR-4 Flux Remover
7200 Precision-V Solvent 3810
72DA Precision-V Solvent 3820
PWR-4 Solvent 3410
PWR-4 Solvent 3910
72DE Precision-V Solvent 3820
PWR-4 Solvent 3410
PWR-4 Solvent 3910
PWR-4 Industrial Maint. Cleaner
PWR-4 Flux Remover
7300 Precision-V Solvent 3810
73DE Precision-V Solvent 3820
PWR-4 Solvent 3410
PWR-4 Solvent 3910
PWR-4 Industrial Maint. Cleaner
PWR-4 Flux Remover

Techspray’s TechLab offers state-of-the-art cleaning, coating and analytical services to help customers qualify new products and optimize their processes. Cleaning equipment includes inline, batch, ultrasonic, and vapor degreasing systems. This equipment allows us to better duplicate your production environment for process optimization and troubleshooting.

Contact Techspray at 678-819-1408 or info@itwcce.com for free TechLab qualification testing. We are available to help qualify new cleaning processes, evaluate current processes, or troubleshoot contamination issues.

Precision-V Solvent 371DA Replacement for 3M Novec 71DA
Replacement for 3M Novec 71DA
Precision-V Solvent 371DE Replacement for 3M Novec 71DE
Replacement for 3M Novec 71DE
Precision-V Solvent 371IPA 	Replacement for 3M Novec 71IPA
Replacement for 3M Novec 71IPA
Precision-V Solvent 3720 	3m novec 7200 replacement
Replacement for 3M Novec 7200
Precision-V Solvent 372DA Replacement for 3M Novec 72DA
Replacement for 3M Novec 72DA
Precision-V Solvent 372DE 	Replacement for 3M Novec 72DE
Replacement for 3M Novec 72DE
Precision-V Solvent 3730 Novec 3700 Replacement
Replacement for 3M Novec 7300
Precision-V Solvent 373DE 	Replacement for 3M Novec 73DE
Replacement for 3M Novec 73DE
Precision-V Solvent 3810 Precision-V 3810 Solvent replacement for 3M Novec 7100, 7200 and 7300
Plastic-safe rinsing & heat transfer fluid
Precision-V Solvent 3820
Powerful, nonflammable high precision cleaner for vapor degreasing
Precision-V Solvent 3900 Precision-V Solvent 3900
100% US Made, Heavy-duty, Low GWP degreaser, PFAS FREE
PWR-4 Solvent 3410 Novec replacement for 37DE, 72DA, 72DE and 73DE
Heavy-duty, cost effective degreaser
PWR-4 Solvent 3910 PWR-4 Solvent 3910
100% US Made, Heavy-duty, Low GWP degreaser, PFAS FREE
PWR-4 Industrial Maintenance Cleaner PWR-4 Industrial Maintenance Cleaner-2
Powerful, nonflammable & cost effective cleaner that is a safer nPB replacement
PWR-4 Flux Remover PWR-4 Flux Remover
Powerful, non-flammable, cost effective flux removal -- safer nPB replacement
Novec 7100DL Replacement - 1 gal Precision-V 3710DL Solvent
Replacement for 3M Novec 7100DL


For a step-by-step guide to qualifying 3M replacements, see our article (click title)7 Tips for Qualifying 3M Novec Replacement Vapor Degreaser Solvents”.

End-users that want to maintain control of their supply of high precision solvents for their critical cleaning needs should start the process of identifying and qualifying replacements as soon as possible. The alternative would be operating at the whims of global demand on a very restricted supply.

Is 3M discontinuing Novec solvents?

On December 20, 2022, 3M announced their plans to phase-out their Novec PFAS-based product lines by the end of 2025:

“3M today announced it plans to exit per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) manufacturing and work to discontinue use of PFAS in its product portfolio by the end of 2025. This portfolio decision is based on careful consideration and a thorough evaluation of the external landscape, including multiple factors such as accelerating regulatory trends focused on reducing or eliminating the presence of PFAS in the environment and changing stakeholder expectations.”


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