Electrical Contact Cleaners

Electrical Contact Cleaners

Techspray offers a wide variety of electrical contact cleaners in spray and bulk packaging.  These cleaners remove oxidation, oil, and other contaminants from contacts, metal switches, motors, relays, generators, edge connectors, buss bars, circuit breakers, scales and sensors.

Advantages of Techspray contact cleaners:

  • Powerful cleaners - grease and oil flow right off
  • Safer solvents - do not contain TCE, nPB or Perc
  • Safe on the most common plastics
  • Available in spray can and bulk packaging


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NYCTA Electrical Contact Cleaner NYCTA Contact Cleaner Spray
Economical, general purpose degreaser- NYCTA Contact Cleaner is a non-chlorinated degreaser and electrical cleaner. This product was originally formulated for the difficult cleaning applications found in the NYCTA, and is ideal for removing oils, greases and carbon residues from control panels, switch plates, enclosures, motors and other work surfaces.
E-Line Parts Sprayed Clean E-LINE Contact Cleaner
Powerful and economical electrical contact cleaner in an aerosol can. Remove oxidation, oil and other contaminants from contacts, metal switches, motors relays, generators, edge connectors, buss bars, circuit breakers, scales, and sensors.
G3 Spray Clean G3 Contact Cleaner
This nonflammable and economical patented electrical contact cleaner is formulated to be powerful, yet economical. Eliminate brushing and scrubbing saving time and materials., powerful contact cleaner
Precision-V Universal Cleaner Precision-V Flux Remover & Maintenance Cleaner
Nonflammable & powerful precision cleaner
Precision-V Plastic-Safe Cleaner Precision-V Plastic-Safe Universal Cleaner
Plastic-safe, nonflammable cleaner for sensitive electronics-Engineered for use on sensitive plastic components, packaging and casements. Ideal for optics cleaning, critical electronics, and other sensitive surfaces.