ESD Products

ESD Products

Techspray's ESD-safe products can help maintain work areas within the ANSI/ESDS20.20 standards set by the ESD Association ( In a static-free environment, the work area, tools and personnel form a circuit (see diagram to right). Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) occurs when the charges of two surfaces with a large electronic potential (difference) equalize instantaneously. The resulting discharge or spark can cause catastrophic or latent damage to electronic components. ESD programs maintain an equal potential by maintaining continuous contact with ground, avoiding ESD damage. Cleaners, lotions, and coatings are an integral part of an ESD control program.

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Licron Crystal ESD-Safe Coating

Permanent, clear ESD-safe coating

Zero Charge Mat & Table Top Cleaner

Safe, effective cleaner for ESD mats

Zero Charge Anti-Stat Coating

Anti-static coating for fabrics & flexible surfaces

Zero Charge Screen & Keyboard Cleaner

Cleans surfaces and leaves behind dissipative residue

Zero Charge Hand Lotion

Non-contaminating hand lotion for ESD sensitive environments

Anti-Static Freezer

Diagnostic freeze spray for static sensitive assemblies

Techclean Anti-Static Wipe

Class 10 anti-static knit polyester wipe