Precisely designed, manufactured and packaged to serve a wide variety of cleaning and maintenance needs. TechSwabs are manufactured in accordance with Techspray's rigid specifications, using specialized materials to ensure low particle generation. Cotton swabs are the most economical choice for high volume usage. Foam swabs are ideal for more precision cleaning where linting needs to be avoided.

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Cotton Swab

Economical, high absorbency cotton swab

Double-Tip Pointed Cotton Stick

High-precision pointed cotton swab

Super-Tip Foam Swab

Large 1/2" wide rigid foam head

Absorb-Tip Foam Swab

Foam over cotton head for maximum absorbency

Foam Tip Swab

Small 1/4" wide rigid foam head

Micro Foam Swab

High-precision flexible 1/8" wide foam head

Mini-Tip Foam Swab

Mini 3/16" wide flexible foam head

Foam Arrow Tip Swab

High-precision flexible pointed foam head

Fiber Optic Swab

High-precision foam swab for fiber optic connectors