Plato Soldering Tips & Tools

Plato Soldering Tips & Tools

Soldering Iron Tips

Plato has been specializing in soldering iron tip design and manufacturing for over 50 years, offering soldering tips to fit all of the most popular stations like Hakko, Weller, Pace & more!  

Soldering Tools 

Plato 170 Shear Cutter has been a top-selling soldering tool worldwide for over 50-years. We managed to make a great tool even better with the LX series of cutters, which are ergonomic and ESD-safe. The new Plato 170S is as light and comfortable to the standard 170 cutter, but able to trim 50% thicker leads! 

Soldering Equipment & Soldering Supplies

Plato also offers products to help extend the life your soldering iron tips, like sponges and tip tinner. Easy-to-use, high-quality needle flux dispensers are available to improve solderability in your PCB rework and repair process.
  • Long Life: Using a high-quality Plato soldering iron replacement tip increases solder speeds and decreases the total cost of manufacture. Higher temperatures and high tin content solders, common in lead-free solder processes, place additional strain on soldering iron tips. The long life of a Plato solder iron tip reduces tip changes, decreasing the total number of tips used and decreasing production time.
  • Rapid Heat Recovery: Plato soldering tips are constructed from highly conductive premium grade copper to transmit heat to the work more quickly than other brands. This quick heat recovery enables more joints to be soldered per minute, thus reducing manufacturing time and costs.

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