Flux Removers

Flux Removers

Flux removers (defluxers) remove flux residues and other contaminants left by manufacture, rework, or repair of printed circuit boards. Residues from higher, lead-free temperatures are more baked on and harder to clean. PWR-4™, G3®, E-LINE™ and Precision-V™ flux removers have been proven very effective at removing fluxes baked on at lead-free temperatures.

Micro-components and fine pitch leads are delicate and easily damaged, so brushing and scrubbing should be avoided if possible. Both G3, E-LINE™ and Precision-V have a powerful spray and  strong solvent that blasts off residues and cleans areas under components that a brush cannot touch.

Techspray offers traditional solvent-based cleaners and cutting  edge water-based technologies marketed under the Techspray Renew™ brand.

TECHSPRAY RENEW™ branded cleaners are innovative solutions that combine the best of current “green” technologies to make the most powerful eco-friendly cleaners on  the market.

All Techspray flux removers have the following advantages:

  • Help create bright, shiny solder joints
  • Improve PCB reliability
  • Prevent conformal coating defects
  • Prevent corrosion from contamination
  • RoHS compliant

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PWR-4 Flux Remover

Powerful, nonflammable & cost effective cleaner

G3 Flux Remover

Strong, fast-acting & nonflammable cleaner

G3 No-Clean Flux Remover

Strong, fast-acting & nonflammable no-clean flux remover

G3 Universal Cleaner

Nonflammable & powerful liquid cleaner

E-Line Flux Remover

Powerful & economical flux remover

E-Line Flux Remover & Maintenance Cleaner

Powerful & economical liquid cleaner

E-Line IPA

99.8% IPA in convenient aerosol package

Precision-V No-Clean Flux Remover

Non-flammable, powerful enough for the toughest no-clean fluxes

Precision-V Flux Remover & Maintenance Cleaner

Nonflammable & powerful precision cleaner

Precision-V Plastic-Safe Universal Cleaner

Plastic-safe, nonflammable cleaner for sensitive electronics

Precision-V VC-1500 Flux Remover

Powerful vapor degreaser solvent

Precision-V AE-1000 Vapor Degreaser Solvent

High precision, VOC-free vapor degreaser solvent

Precision-V AE-1400 Vapor Degreaser Solvent

High precision vapor degreaser solvent

Precision-V ME-1500 Vapor Degreaser Solvent

High precision vapor degreaser solvent

Envi-Ro-Tech 1679 Defluxer

Alcohol-based flux remover and maintenance cleaner

Eco-dFluxer SMT100

Inline & batch water-based flux remover

Eco-dFluxer SMT300

Inline & batch water-based flux remover

Eco-dFluxer SMT200

Inline & batch water-based flux remover