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Prevent Static Discharge from Damaging Sensitive Electronics

Techspray's ESD-safe products can help maintain work areas within the ANSI/ESDS20.20 standards set by the ESD Association. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) occurs when the charges of two surfaces with a large electronic potential (difference) equalize instantaneously. The resulting discharge or spark can cause catastrophic or latent damage to electronic components. 

Electrostatic discharge happens all the time, especially in dry climates and in the winter season, when there isn’t moisture in the air to help bleed the excess electrons (water is conductive, allowing electrons to flow more easily). Normally it is nothing more than an irritation, but with sensitive electronics it can lead to PCB failures.

Without the appropriate equipment and supplies, a worker can generate thousands of volts. SMOS logic devices can be damaged with 250-3000 volts, EPROM devices by 100 volts, and microprocessor chips with as few as 10 volts. Damage can shut down functions or create intermittent problems, and it can either be catastrophic (immediate) or latent (later as in “field failure”) (source: Phil Storrs PC Hardware Book).

ESD programs maintain an equal potential by maintaining continuous contact with the ground, avoiding ESD damage. Techspray's cleaners, lotions, and coatings are an integral part of an ESD control program.


ESD Attributes

Environmental & Safety

Licron Crystal ESD Safe Coating Licron Crystal ESD-Safe Coating
Permanent, clear ESD safe coating
Zero Charge Mat & Table Top Cleaner Zero Charge Mat & Table Top Cleaner
Safe, effective cleaner for ESD mats
Zero Charge Screen & Keyboard Cleaner Zero Charge Screen & Keyboard Cleaner
Cleans surfaces and leaves behind dissipative residue
Zero Charge Anti-Stat Coating Zero Charge Anti-Stat Coating
Anti-static coating for fabrics & flexible surfaces
Zero Charge Floor Coating Zero Charge Floor Coating
ESD-safe floor coating for a high gloss floor finish
Zero Charge ESD Lotion Zero Charge Hand Lotion
Non-contaminating ESD hand lotion for ESD sensitive environments
Anti-Static Freezer Anti-Static Freezer
HFC-134a diagnostic freeze spray for static sensitive assemblies
Techclean Anti-Static Wipe Techclean Anti-Static Wipe
Class 10 anti-static knit polyester wipe
Plato Shear Ergonomic Cutter Platoshear Ergonomic Cutter
Ergonomic, ESD-safe shear lead cutter
Needle Flux Dispenser Needle Flux Dispenser
Needle bottles for precisely controlled flux applications
No-Clean Desoldering Braid No-Clean Desoldering Braid
Desoldering braid without any corrosive ionic flux residues, so cleaning is optional
Pro-Wick Desoldering Braid Pro Wick Desoldering Braid
Pro-Wick desoldering wick enables the fastest solder wicking action
Unfluxed Desoldering Braid Unfluxed Desoldering Braid
Unfluxed desoldering braid allows you to use your own flux -- ideal for aqueous process


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