Flood Damage Repair

Flood Damage Repair
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When a catastrophic flood occurs, millions of dollars of equipment is drenched and covered and filled with all kinds of dirt and muck. Some may be replaced with insurance covering the tab, but much of the equipment will need to be repaired and brought back into service as soon as possible. Believe it or not many electronic and electrical components can handle exposure to water, and it is actually a common way to clean assemblies in manufacturing processes. Some components, like power supplies, can’t be recovered, but much of it can.

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E-Line IPA E-Line IPA
99.8% IPA in convenient aerosol package
G3 Blue Shower Maintenance Cleaner G3 Blue Shower Maintenance Cleaner
G3 Blue Shower is non-flammable degreaser and cleaner formulated to be powerful, yet economical. Eliminate brushing and scrubbing, saving time and materials.
G3 Universal Cleaner G3 Universal Cleaner
Nonflammable & powerful liquid cleaner
Precision-V Universal Cleaner Precision-V Flux Remover & Maintenance Cleaner
Nonflammable & powerful precision cleaner
Vortex High Velocity Air Duster Vortex Duster
High-velocity aerosol can duster from Techspray, 100% HFC-134a duster keeps your systems free from dirt and dust and can be sprayed in 360 degrees. This high-velocity compressed air duster can be sprayed while tilted in any direction with out dispensing liquid.