Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Wipes - 70%

Sku Number Name Size Units
Per Case
Per Case
1608-100FL IPA Cleaning Wipes - Flip-top Tub 100 ct 12 $361.80
1608-100DSP IPA Cleaning Wipes - Disposable Tub 100 ct 6 $159.78
1608-100R IPA Cleaning Wipes - Refill 100 ct 6 $154.86
Packaging Order minimum case quantity only. Extra shipping fees may apply.
Convenient, low­linting wipes are pre­saturated with 70% pure IPA. 3 choices packaging choices available:
  • Flip-top tubs - Spring-loaded lid automatically closes and sealed top reduces waste from dry-out
  • Disposable tubs - Lower cost disposable tub
  • Refill rolls - Replacement wipes fit in either Flip-top or Pop-up tubs to save money and reduce waste

Features & Benefits

  • 70% IPA & 30% DI water
  • 5”x8” (127mm x 203mm) wipes
  • 100 wipes/tub
  • Lint-free, tear resistant polyester


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