Although Techspray is widely known for high precision electronic cleaners, many of our products work very well for general janitorial cleaning. 

Eco-Shine - Your eco-friendly option for glass and surface cleaning, with low VOC and zero GWP. Cleans glass, stainless steel, chrome, mirrors, tile, plastic, ceramic and enamel and leaves a streak-free finish. Effectively removes finger prints, light oils, and other soils. Made from 100% naturally-derived and sustainable ingredients.

Platic & Glass Cleaner - Economical but effective foaming, non-streaking glass, plastic, and surface cleaner.

G3 & E-LINE Maintenance Cleaners - Powerful degreasers to clean oil and contaminants off of metal parts, printed circuit boards, barcode instruments, switch boxes, gear boxes, and engines.

Freeze Spray - Designed for electronic diagnostic work, but in the janitorial world, great for removing sticky gum from carpets and fabric. Just freeze it, and scrape it off.

Label & Adhesive RemoverCitrus-based Citrus-Based Label & Adhesive Remover safely and effectively removes labels and adhesive gums off equipment and products. Penetrates quickly and allows label to be peeled off without gummy residue.

Office Equipment Cleaning Kit - Convenient, effective assortment of products that provides necessary tools for properly maintaining office equipment. The combination of a water-based cleaner, duster, pre-saturated wipes, lint-free dry wipes, and swabs are ideal for cleaning the exterior and internal mechanics of copiers, mailing meter machines, label printers, desktop printers, and much more. The kit is perfect for removing dried ink, dust, paper residue, and grime build-up.  You no longer have to risk your sensitive electronics by using household and otherwise untested cleaning supplies. 

Zero Charge products - This is a line of cleaners and coatings for static sensitive environments. Zero Charge Antistat works well for any environment when you are having static issues -- e.g. carpets around a copier.

Eco-Shine Glass & Surface Cleaner Eco-Shine Glass & Surface Cleaner
Eco-friendly, nonflammable & streak-free glass cleaner
E-Line Maintenance Cleaner E-LINE Maintenance Cleaner
Powerful and economical aerosol cleaner
Freezer Freezer
100% HFC-134a nonflammable diagnostic freeze spray
G3 Industrial Maintenance Cleaner G3 Industrial Maintenance Cleaner
Heavy-duty, fast evaporating industrial cleaner
Glass Cleaner                 Glass Cleaner
Foaming aerosol glass and surface cleaner
Label & Adhesive Remover Label & Adhesive Remover
Fast acting, citrus-based label and adhesive remover
LCD/Plasma Screen Cleaning Wipes LCD/Plasma Screen Microfiber Cleaning Wipes
Terry cloth microfiber wipe to clean and polish LCD screens
TK0-2 Office Equipment Cleaning Kit with Duster
Cleaning supplies to properly & safely service office equipment
Techclean Blue Maintenance Wipe Techclean Blue Maintenance Wipe
High-absorbency poly/cellulose wipes
Techclean Microfiber Wipe Techclean Microfiber Wipe
Polishing microfiber wipe ideal for LCD displays
Zero Charge Anti-Stat Coating Zero Charge Anti-Stat Coating
Anti-static coating for fabrics & flexible surfaces - Fast drying, anti-static coating eliminates static charge and reduces triboelectric generation from flexible surfaces. Ideal for plastics, fabrics, and carpet.
Zero Charge Floor Coating Zero Charge Floor Coating
ESD-safe floor coating- This product is a high gloss floor finish designed for use in electronic production areas, computer rooms and other static sensitive areas. Contains a non-migratory, static dissipative polymer, which will maintain a constant surface resistivity of 106-108 ohms throughout the humidity spectrum.
Zero Charge Mat & Table Top Cleaner Zero Charge Mat & Table Top Cleaner
Safe, effective cleaner for ESD mats - Clean flux and other residues off of ESD-Safe mats and tabletops. Will not dry out surfaces (i.e. IPA) or leave insulative waxes (i.e. household cleaners).
Zero Charge Screen & Keyboard Cleaner Zero Charge Screen & Keyboard Cleaner
Cleans surfaces and leaves behind dissipative residue-Removes hand oils, ink marks, dust, and other contaminants from computer equipment. With regular use, cleaner will eliminate static charge from sensitive surfaces and provide long-term static protection.


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