Needle Flux Dispenser

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Sku Number Name Size Units
Per Case
Per Case
FD-21 Needle Flux Dispenser - .010 tube   10 $47.30
FD-2 Needle Flux Dispenser - .020 tube   10 $47.30
SF-01 Static Dissipative Flux Bottle - .010 Tube   10 $98.00
SF-02 Static Dissipative Flux Bottle - .020 Tube   10 $98.00
Packaging Order minimum case quantity only. Extra shipping fees may apply.

Needle bottles are ideal for precisely controlled flux applications. Two different needle sizes are available: 0.25mm for low viscosity no-clean and aqueous fluxes and 0.50mm for higher viscosity rosin-based fluxes. Each bottle is available in standard plastic or with optional ESD-safe cover. 

  •  0.01" (0.25mm) needle - Ideal for low viscosity no-clean and water soluble fluxes.
  •  0.02" (0.50mm) needle - Ideal for higher viscosity rosin fluxes.


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