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Top 8 Ways Temporary Solder Mask is Used for Electronic Assembly & More

Temporary solder mask is a type of material used in electronics manufacturing to protect specific areas of a printed circuit board (PCB) during the soldering process. It can be easily peeled or washed off after soldering is complete. 

While it is most commonly used to mask open vias in a wave soldering process, operators find all kinds of creative ways to use mask to solve process challenges.


Here are eight common uses for temporary solder mask:

1. Wave Soldering

In wave soldering, where an entire PCB is passed over a wave of molten solder, temporary solder mask can be applied to protect areas that should not be soldered, such as gold-plated contacts, through-hole components, or connectors that require a different soldering method. This is the most common use of temporary solder mask because it allows more flexibility compared to Kapton tape or pre-molded silicone boots.


2. Selective Soldering

In selective soldering, specific areas of a PCB are soldered using a focused jet of solder. Temporary solder mask can be used to define the regions where solder is applied, allowing precise control over the soldering process.


3. Component Protection

Temporary solder mask is applied to protect sensitive electronic components, such as connectors, switches, and delicate surface-mounted devices (SMDs), from accidental soldering or flux splatter during the assembly process.


4. Rework and Repair

When reworking or repairing a PCB, temporary solder mask can be used to cover nearby components that need to be protected from heat or soldering iron contact. It ensures that only the intended area is exposed to the rework process.


5. Conformal Coating

Temporary solder mask can serve as a temporary barrier during the conformal coating process, which involves applying a protective coating to the PCB. It prevents the conformal coating from adhering to specific areas, such as connectors or test points, that need to remain accessible.


6. Adhesive for Reflow of Two-Sided PCBAs

Temporary solder mask can be used as a removable method of affixing components during PCBA assembly, instead of more permanent adhesives. It provides a temporary adhesive-like property and prevents components from falling off during the reflow process, especially when a double-sided board is flipped over for a second pass.


7. Painting and Powder Coating

While temporary solder mask isn’t commonly used for painting and powder coating processes, it can offer flexibility not offered by masking tapes, silicone plugs, or custom-molded silicone caps. Natural latex peelable masks, like WonderMASK PX and Techform TC-533, are recommended because their tensile strength can avoid breakage when removing.


8. Anodizing and Plating

Using a temporary solder mask for anodizing and plating processes can be a useful technique to protect specific areas of a metal surface from being coated or plated. The solder mask acts as a barrier, preventing the anodizing or plating solutions from reaching the masked areas. For more details, check out "How To Use Temporary Solder Mask for Anodizing and Electroplating Processes".


Techspray WonderMASK Temporary Solder Masks

Techspray WonderMASK temporary solder masks offer several advantages for electronics assembly and PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturing processes. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Protection: WonderMASK provides excellent protection for PCBs during soldering and rework processes. It shields sensitive components, pads, and traces from solder splatter, flux residues, and other contaminants. This helps prevent short circuits, bridging, and other common soldering issues, reducing the risk of damage to the PCB.
  • Easy Application: WonderMASK is easy to apply, thanks to its peelable and flexible nature. It comes in the form of a liquid mask that can be easily applied using a brush, squeegee, or other appropriate tools. The mask conforms to complex shapes and contours, ensuring thorough coverage and protection.
  • Controlled Application: With WonderMASK, you have control over the areas you want to protect. You can selectively apply the mask to specific regions of the PCB, allowing for precise and targeted protection. This is particularly useful when you need to protect certain components or specific areas during the soldering process.
  • High Temperature Resistance: WonderMASK offers excellent resistance to high temperatures typically encountered during soldering and rework operations. It can withstand the heat generated by soldering irons, wave soldering, and other soldering techniques, ensuring the mask remains intact and effective.
  • Easy Removal: One of the significant advantages of WonderMASK is its peelable nature. Once the soldering or rework process is complete, the mask can be easily peeled off, leaving behind a clean and residue-free surface. This simplifies the cleanup process and eliminates the need for additional cleaning steps.
  • Compatibility: WonderMASK is compatible with various materials used in soldering processes, including wave soldering, selective soldering, hand soldering, and reflow soldering. It can be used with different types of solder alloys, such as lead-free and leaded solders, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Reliable Protection: WonderMASK provides reliable protection, ensuring that the masked areas remain untouched during the soldering process. It prevents accidental solder deposits, flux residues, and other contaminants from affecting the protected regions, thereby minimizing the risk of defects and improving overall product quality.


It's important to note that temporary solder mask is not intended for long-term protection or as a permanent substitute for permanent solder mask or conformal coatings. Its primary purpose is to provide temporary protection during specific stages of the manufacturing, assembly, or repair processes.

For a complete guide to using temporary solder mask, check out “How To Use Spot Mask for Wave Soldering & Conformal Coating”.

Techspray’s lab is available to help you qualify products, establish your masking process, or diagnose masking issues. For more information, go to or call 800-858-4043.


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