Soldering Tips - Hakko Compatible

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Sku Number Name Size Units
Per Case
Per Case
HS-0530 SMD flow tip 3.3mm 10 $82.30
HS-0531 SMD flow tip 3.4mm 10 $84.90
HS-0925 Angled SMD 1.6mm 10 $67.40
HS-0927 Knife 6.3mm 10 $86.70
HS-1665 Screwdriver 5.2mm 10 $80.20
HS-2751 Screwdriver 1.6mm 10 $55.50
HS-2753 Screwdriver 3.2mm 10 $55.50
HS-2796 Screwdriver 1.2mm 10 $55.50
HS-2863 Screwdriver 0.8mm 10 $55.50
HS-4785 Point, rounded 1.0mm x 6.4mm tin length 10 $55.50
HS-4786 Point, rounded 0.8mm 10 $62.70
HS-4787 Point, micro rounded 0.4mm 10 $62.70
HS-4791 Angled SMD 0.4mm 10 $92.20
HS-5701 Bevel, micro 1.2mm 10 $55.50
HS-5702 Bevel, micro 2.0mm 10 $55.50
HS-5703 Bevel 3.0mm 10 $55.50
HS-5875 Bevel 4.0mm 10 $55.50
HS-8157 Angled SMD 0.4mm 10 $61.30
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Soldering tips for Hakko FX-888, FX-888E, 926, 928 and other older stations, and Hakko FX-8801, FX-8802, FX-8803, 900M and other older irons. See cross references or data sheets for tip-to-tip referencing.

Plato is one of the largest manufacturers of soldering tips in the world, producing tips to fit all of the most popular soldering stations. The long life and fast heat recovery of Plato soldering tips increases user effectiveness and decreases production times.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast heat recovering increases soldering speed
  • Longer tip reduces manufacturing costs
  • Fewer tip change overs