Tech Roll Understencil Wipe

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Per Case
2366-DEK Tech Roll Ultra DEK Printers 39'L 25 $632.75
2367-MPM Tech Roll Ultra MPM Printers 39'L 25 $413.00
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High performance understencil roll wipes, made from low lint fabric and design for vacuum operation.

   Equip model Core ID
Notch Paper Width
Core Width
Matl Length
 2366-DEK DEK 265, #129051/GS, GSX & 288
 2367-MPM MPM #1485/AP & UP2000 19mm N  444mm  457mm 11.9M

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum absorbency
  • Strong both wet & dry
  • Textured non-woven poly-cellulose fabric
  • Low linting prevents misprints
  • Density 68 GSM



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