TraceTech Conductive Pen

Silver ink conductive pen for repairing electronic traces

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The TraceTech Conductive Pen is a silver ink pen for repairing electronic traces.   The pen contains a fast drying, silver filled ink designed to quickly make highly conductive silver traces.

Features & Benefits

  • Repairs traces
  • Makes smooth jumpers
  • Silver conductive pen
  • Fast cure - 3-5 minutes at room temp.

The TraceTech board repair system allows any level of technician to quickly perform quality board repairs in-house without the use of expensive equipment or time-consuming and unsightly jumpers.   Meets IPC board repair standards.  Other TraceTech pens are available to allow quick convenient and high-quality board repair and rework.

For study about the effectiveness of trace repair with silver ink, check out "Drawing Conductive Traces: Fast & Effective Method of Repairing PCB Trace Defects".



How do I unclog the tip of the pen?

You should be able to unclog by 1) removing the cap, 2) let it sit tip-down in a solvent like isopropyl alcohol, 3) press down (without squeezing the barrel) a few times in the process to break the stopper loose, 4) let sit 5-10 minutes, 5) then when you take it out, squeeze the barrel and try to write.

Can I solder directly onto a drawn trace?

A trace drawn with the conductive ink will combine with solder, provided the soldering temperature does not exceed 350°F (177°C) and the solder joint is formed within 5 seconds. If the drawn trace must be soldered to, we recommended that tin/lead solder containing 2% silver be used and that the trace is heat-cured at 150°F (66°C) for five minutes to produce the most durable trace possible.

How do I prepare the surface for trace repair?

For optimal adhesion to most surfaces, clean the repair area prior to ink application. That insures the surface is free of oil, greases and handling soils. For precise cleaning just around the rework area, Techspray offers the TraceTech Flux Remover Pen (#2506-N), which contains a fast evaporating cleaning solvent. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) presaturated wipes (1610-50PK) are also well suited for surface prep.


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TraceTech board repair system allows technicians of any level to quickly perform quality board repairs in-house, and  without using either expensive equipment or time-consuming and unsightly jumpers. You only need 5 pens to perform critical PCB rework and repair at your workstation: TraceTec...
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