Vapor Degreaser Selection Guide

Techspary is the industry leader in the production of Vapor Degreasing Chemicals.   Use this handy selection guide to find the right Vapor Degreaser for your application.

Click on part #'s below for more details on each product.

ND = Not De…termined

Part # Product Name Base Solvents kB Value Boiling Point (°F/°C) VOC (g/l) GWP Degreasing Defluxing Plastic-Safe
1654 VC-1200 DuPont Vertrel® XF 56 94/34 552 684 X    
1655 VC-1500 DuPont Vertrel® XF 62 90/32 562 663   X  
1656 VC-1600 DuPont Vertrel® XF 100 106/41 1063 264   X  
1686 ME-1500 3M Novec 7100/7200 58 104/40 889 43 X X  
1680 AE-1000 Asahi AE3000 ~0 133/56 none 540     X
1681 AE-1400 Asahi AE3000 ND 139/54 ND 540 X X X
3400 PWR4 Maint Cleaner 3M Novec 7100 100 118/48 1201 ND X    
3401 PWR4 Flux Remover 3M Novec 7100 100 118/48 1201 ND   X  

Still not sure which product is right for you?  Learn more about our Vapor Degreaser Product Line here or click on the link below to learn more.

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Vapor-degreasing is a cleaning method commonly used in critical applications like aerospace and medical electronics, because it is effective and can drastically reduce the potential for cross-contamination. Specialized cleaning equipment is used to clean or rinse in the vapor-phase of a boiling solvent, which is constantly going through a distillation process. The solvent boils, vaporizes, and is condensed again for hundreds of cycles a day. This process also requires specialized solvents that maintain their properties (e.g. non-flammability) through days and weeks of cycling, and stabilized to prevent corrosiveness as moisture is absorbed from ambient air.

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