PWR-4 Solvent Cleaners

PWR-4 Solvent Cleaners
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PWR-4 Solvent Cleaners

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Powerful, Non-Flammable & Cost Effective Cleaner

PWR-4™ solvent cleaners are ideal where a safer, non-flammable, and cost effective cleaner is required. This innovative solvent is much safer than the four most common industrial solvents: TCE, nPB, Perc and Methylene Chloride and quickly blasts off oils, greases, fluxes, silicones, dirt and grime.

  • Ideal replacement for n-propyl bromide (nPB) and other toxic industrial solvents
  • Available in aerosol or bulk for vapor-degreasing, ultrasonic and immersion cleaning
  • PWR-4™ Maintenance Cleaner for heavy-duty degreasing and contact cleaning, PWR-4™ Flux Remover for PCB cleaning

Technical papers:
PWR-4 performance testing
Overview of health & safety impact of nPB and other toxic industrial cleaners

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Safer Replacements For Toxic Industrial Solvents


n-Propyl Bromide (nPB), Trichloroethylene (TCE), and Perchloroethylene (Perc) are three examples of harmful chemicals that are commonly used in aerosol cleaners in industrial applications.  These chemicals are commonly used as cleaning solvents because they are non-flammable, have high solvency, and are relatively inexpensive.

Because of safety concerns, these solvents are under close scrutiny by OSHA, EPA, and local agencies. For  example,  The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) recommends a 10 ppm  time-weighted average threshold limit, but has proposed a lower 0.1 ppm (ACGIH 2013). That’s because nPB  is a suspected human carcinogen, and has shown to negative impact neurological and reproductive  functioning.

Techspray offers effective replacements for these toxic solvents. PWR-4® High Performance Solvents provides all the cleaning power of nPB and other industrial solvents, but without the health risks.

For more information, read “Toxic Chemicals Used for Industrial Cleaning” white paper.

2359-13S Aviation 2000 Degreaser
High pressure cleaner to quickly flush out grease & other soils
Picture of Aviation Clean & Prep Wipes Aviation Clean & Prep Wipes
Aerospace approved chemistries & wiping material in easy-to-use dispensing tubs.
2892-G Citrus HF Degreaser
High flashpoint citrus-based degreaser for heavy greases
2870-19S Precision-V Aviation Maintenance Cleaner
Nonflammable & eco-friendly aviation degreaser for cleaning sensitive surfaces
Picture of PWR-4 Aviation Degreaser PWR-4 Aviation Degreaser
Nonflammable & powerful spray for removing hydraulic and lubricating fluids
PWR-4 Flux Remover PWR-4 Flux Remover
Powerful, non-flammable, cost effective flux removal -- safer nPB replacement
PWR-4 Industrial Maintenance Cleaner PWR-4 Industrial Maintenance Cleaner
Powerful, nonflammable & cost effective cleaner that is a safer nPB replacement
Transite Equipment Cleaner PWR-4 Transit Equipment Degreaser
Nonflammable & strong single purpose transit degreaser
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