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Techspray Aviation Cleaning Products - Video Overview

Techspray have been a mainstay for avionics maintenance and general industrial MRO for the past 40-years. We now are able to use that expertise to aviation maintenance to provide you cleaning products that are…

  • More effective
  • Safer
  • and easier to use

All of our products have been tested on the most common greases and soils for aviation maintenance, and meet the most critical aviation standards and specifications.

Precision-V Aviation Maintenance Cleaner

Precision-V Aviation Maintenance Cleaner is a nonflammable aerosol degreaser engineered to remove hydraulic fluids and contamination from aircraft surfaces. This is the product to use if you are worried about sensitive materials like commercial resins, plastics, urethanes and synthetic gaskets.

Precision-V Aviation Cleaner has much lower toxicity than many competing products because it doesn’t contain solvents like n-propyl bromide and trichloroethylene.

If have to clean energized electrical systems, dielectric breakdown voltage of 41 kilovolts avoids shorts and sparks.

It has many environmental advantages. It is has an extremely low global warming potential. It is VOC-free, so won’t contribute to smog and is not going to be restricted by strict air quality regulations. It also meets European F-gas regulations, so Precision-V can be used globally wherever your hanger might be, be it in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa – anywhere on the planet. 

Precision-V Aviation Cleaner is a fast and efficient way to remove hydraulic fluids. Just spray it on, allow the soils to flow off, and it flashing off quickly. Most importantly, It also doesn’t frost up like some other aviation cleaners.

Aviation 2000 Maintenance Cleaner

Aviation 2000 Maintenance Cleaner is all about cleaning with power and control.

Other aviation degreasers can be frustrating to use because they don’t allow you to adjust the product output, which can make it very difficult to access those hard-to-reach areas. Techspray Aviation 2000 degreaser has a trigger sprayer that allows you to throttle the pressure, so you can control the amount of solvent you are apply to the soiled area. And very importantly, you can turn the can upside-down or in any other direction to reach tricky areas.

There is also an extension tube is included to reach tight areas with pin-point accuracy.

Aviation 2000 meets European F-gas regulations, so it can be used globally, whether in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa – anywhere in the world.

PWR-4 Citrus Degreaser HF

For cleaning aircraft surfaces with baked-on and oxidized oil and greases, we offer PWR-4 Citrus Degreaser HF.

This is a high flash-point citrus solvent that has the advantage of controlled evaporation, so you have time to work and scrub parts for thorough cleaning and getting off the toughest soils.  Other flammable solvents, like those made of alcohols or hydrocarbons, can have flash points that are well within normal ambient temperatures, and even as low as below zero!

Why use a high flash-point solvent? Isn’t one flammable solvent the same as another? When you use a highly flammable solvent cleaner, and have soaked a bunch of rags, you run the risk of them auto-igniting when they are collected in a disposal bin. PWR-4 Citrus has a high flashpoint. That means that while the solvent vapors can light, they will only flame up at temperatures over 140°F, hotter than your typical maintenance hangar.

The unique PWR-4 Citrus product formulation allows all the same strength and power as straight d-limonene products without the high cost and product availability issues. 

PWR-4 Aviation Degreaser 

If you need a cleaner with some muscle, PWR-4 Aviation Degreaser is for you! Nothing is more powerful than PWR-4 Aviation Degreaser!

Most aviation cleaners spray only a few feet, so to clean an aircraft engine after opening the cowling, you have to climb up a ladder, you have to reach down, you have to spray around. It makes cleaning very, very tough. And to reach up from the bottom impossible.

PWR-4 Aviation Degreaser has a 10’ spray that allows you to clean the toughest greases and hydraulic fluids from hard-to-reach places.

PWR-4 Aviation Degreaser is has the safety of a nonflammable solvent, but it is  strong enough to blast off common aviation hydraulic and lubricating fluids like Skydrol.

PWR-4 Aviation Degreaser has much lower toxicity than many competing products because it doesn’t contain solvents like n-propyl bromide and trichloroethylene.

Aviation Degreaser II

There are times when regulatory requirements are so restrictive, that choices are basically limited to water and soap.

Techspray Aviation Degreaser II is a nonflammable cleaner that was engineered for major airlines to meet NESHAP air emission standards for hangar maintenance.

It is effective at removing common aircraft hydraulic and lubricating fluids, and has been proven safe on all aircraft surfaces.

Techspray Aviation Degreaser II has a much lower toxicity than many competing products because it doesn’t contain solvents like n-propyl bromide and trichloroethylene.

Clean & Prep Presaturated Wpes

When repairing and painting an airframe, it is critical to make sure the surface is clean and free of any continuation.

Techspray Clean & Prep Presaturated Wipes that come in either reusable plastic tubs, or refill rolls that help you reduce the waste stream and save you money.

Using presaturated wipes saves you time, reduces solvent waste and your exposure to hazardous chemicals compared to soaking cheese cloth with unmeasured and random amounts of solvent.

Each lint-free wipe has the right amount of solvent for the job.  It also helps your regulatory folks know exactly what to report when it comes to government usage filings.

And we have 4 different types of solvent are available in this package formulation:

Isopropyl Alcohol for removing dust, debris, light oils, fingerprints and for paint surface prep.

Acetone for cleaning off adhesives, wet epoxy, and paint overspray in composite and paint surface prep.

Methyl Ethyl Ketone (or MEK) is great for removing uncured resins during surface prep and clean-up of composite, metal bond and edge seal applications.

Methyl Propyl Ketone (or MPK) is commonly used for uncured epoxy in composite surface prep, and inks in printing clean-up.

No matter what you aircraft maintenance cleaning challenge is, Techspray has a great solution for you.

Let us help you find the best solution for your operation. Go to or reach out to us by email ( or phone (800-858-4043).


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